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Cake Smash Preparation Guide


For this session, I recommend booking one to two months before the baby’s actual birthday (or birthday party). There are a few reasons for this.
ONE: it’s so much easier to do a cake smash with a baby who is not walking/running yet!
TWO: I need to order a cake and sometimes I need to restock on decorations.
THREE: If you will be using the images for the party invitations, you will want to have them back in time to send out.

Most of my clients find their cake smash outfits on Etsy or Amazon, although, it’s completely up to you. You are welcome to bring two outfits if you’d like. One for before the cake and one for the smashing part. You can also do the smash topless. For an additional fee, I can provide the outfit.  Don’t forget to bring a clean outfit for baby to go home in!

Cake Smash session are an hour. You will come in, get baby ready for a few pictures without the cake, then I will introduce the cake and let baby go to town. If you’ve chosen the smash and splash option, we will then bring in the tub, and let baby splash and play, while getting all clean, and some unforgettable pictures! If you have not chosen the splash option, you will still be able to use the tub with warm water in it to clean up.  

·      It’s best to bring baby after their morning nap (if possible) and feed them too. A full baby is a happy baby.
·      If the cake is not completely destroyed, there might be some left over for you to take home! (Yummy!)
·      Not every baby likes cake and not every baby likes being messy. It is important to keep this in mind and roll with the punches. We will still get great photos even if baby is not interested in the cake.
·      It helps to bring puffs, cheerios, or another small snack to put in the cake if baby doesn’t like it.  Also make sure to bring water and/or a bottle. All that cake will make anyone thirsty!
·      Feel free to bring toys or anything that will make baby smile and more comfortable.  I often ask Mom or Dad to play a song or video on their phone that baby likes if they are not cooperating.  
·      Occasionally babies can have allergies or aversions to some of the ingredients in a cake. I recommend doing a practice round at home with a cupcake to get an idea of how baby will react. If a specialty cake is needed, please let me know ahead of time, and for an additional fee, that can be provided.
·      If baby is teething or not feeling well, a dose of infant Tylenol before you get here will help things go more smoothly.
·      Babies are unpredictable at this age and react to stress, so try to relax and enjoy the session!

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