Hi!  My name is Stephanie Chandler, and I'm the woman behind the lens at Little Loves Photography.  I am a portrait photographer serving the Long Island and New York Metro area.  My passion for photography started about 7 years ago during a life changing trip to Italy, where I recognized the thrill of capturing important life moments in an artistic way.  I spent the next several years learning everything I could, from shooting to post production, honing my skills, and photographing any and everything until I found my passion.  I have been professionally snuggling babies for over 3 years now, and it completely fulfills my life.  While I serve a wide range of photography services, newborn and portraiture is my passion.  I love capturing the journey of a child being brought into this world.  I take special care of each and every client, to bring mine and their vision to life, and I am always honored to be the person chosen to capture every milestone in a family's life.  


When I'm not capturing tiny fingers and tiny toes, I'm traveling the world.  I visited 12 countries in 2019 alone!  I fill my life with family, friends, and making memories, and the relationships I make with my clients give my life meaning.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you.  


Newborn Photographer - Long Island, NY